Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year Rising...


As the new year rises, a state of hope and melancholy prevails. A strange combination. New beginnings and transitions often pull emotional strings as there is an attachment to what is familiar. Whether good or bad, it is what we know. Hope comes with not knowing and that is what drives us forwards. We all hope for better things to come... Happiness, health, prosperity and luck. As we all wish for these things, for just a moment we throw our caution to the wind and the universe. As individuals we are all responsible for our own fortuitous encounters or are we? Well, chance suggests a possibility of happening but emphasises an uncertainty and addictedness on other future events for existence or occurrence. Nothing is written in stone until we write it. It takes faith and confidence to trust in a better future. So, with that said, anything is possible. The dawning of the new year gives us all the chance to start a fresh and learn from the mistakes and challenges from the past year. We push forwards as always, and furthurmore, we strive to realise dreams and goals.  The feelings of melancholy drift away as life continues. We make our resolutions, book holidays and detox.  We never stop trying and we re-write our own stories. 

Happy New Year!