Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Out of the Blue ...

Birds of Prey

A Poem ...

A raucous laugh,
A tattered heart,
An evening and night time excursion back in to the past.
A call, a whisper, calling, crushing,
I know that voice, only once.
Listen, watch, darkness of the quiescence.
Is something there?
Breathing, rapid,
Pacing, huddled, pacing, cornered,
Is someone there?
Visions of horror and despair.
Is this it, my time?
Cold, that aroma, strong, death.
No, it is not finished.
Morning arrives, the first bird sings,
Dawn awakens and negates such things.
Sucked out at ferocious speed from sleep,
Oh it was too short but very, very deep,
A roar, a groan, 
Another night like this.
The shame, Suspecting terror,
The core aches for the hand which comforts,
But it does not arrive, yet.
More darkening, such entanglement,
Heart and mind is fragmented,
When did this begin?
Who and what pulled the trigger?
Please let me sleep.
NO, NO, NO, breath.
Bearing atrocities and fright,
Please do not play with me.
Testing waters, utters of spite,
Please God, let me sleep tonight.
Twisting, turning, walking, rolling, thinking, gasping, panicking,
Breath, breath, breath.
Almost asleep now, hush, little one,
The bird calls.
Is it morning, please let it be so.
Free as a bird of prey,
Silently gliding upon the wind.
Hush, hush, hush.
The protective wings in the sky, please.
The hand holds.
The blue is brighter.
Glistening eyes let out relief,
You are safe, you are at ease.

Helen Ratcliff.

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