Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dark is Light

Sun Over Mountain

A Poem ...

The universe spins,
Then it all comes back again,
That drudgery from past,
Chaining and wanton,
The key is in faith,
But this is no stream,
It is a deep, dark lake.
Amongst the ruins of yesterday,
The roots of altruism,
An insatiable force of will,
Let it pass.
Irreverence follows treachery,
To gain strength with every vibration,
Equanimity is burning and compelling,
Tremulous, tenous and quivering.
Emotional bleeding beyond compare,
Fragility meets core,
treading the mill of fate,
Sustaining the passion,
Progress with faith.
Baggage embroiled,
Its time to surge forwards,
To trust and liberate.
Colours, light and glory,
Ensnare me with your spell,
Beguiling and wanton, 
Enraptured with life.
Let the night release its stars,
As the darkness waits,
Thereupon the lights have their turn to shine bright.

Photograph and words by Helen Ratcliff.

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