Friday, 10 April 2015

A Slice of River

For three years I have walked a long the river Thames between Wandsworth bridge and Albert bridge each morning, as my commute to work in Chelsea. Over the duration I have taken photographs almost every day, capturing characters, moments, weather and seasons. That said, a collection has evolved, telling a story which has inspired me to create a book. A photo book.
 Recently I was accepted on Kickstarter, a prestigious platform for raising funds to bring the project to life. With only twelve days left to reach my target of £4,000, things have become relatively urgent. However, the excitement is quite hard to contain. Should I not make target, my campaign has had considerable exposure and has been a positive discipline. I have every faith in my vision and although, at times, I have felt a struggle, this has only pushed me forwards. Raising funds hasn't ever been my strength but creating has and is. Either way, funding or not, somehow this book will be born. 
 The other day I stumbled across this quote, which seemed appropriate .. "Restrictions are often a challenge and I think they stimulate the creative process."
Willie Landels, Artist. 
This, I have discovered to be true. So, without further delay, the link to A Slice of River is at the bottom of the page.
If you would like to pledge or back this project ... There will be rewards!
Thank you.

Goose on Barge