Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Jaffa ...

You were the centre of my world,
Our connection unparalleled.

At three months old,

Our journey began,
Our bond was immediate.

Your name was born from your sweet tooth,

Your life began to unfold.

Your intelligence surpassing,

Your need to be close,
The joining of a union between hearts.

Your feline skills were ancient and honed,

 Your domestic skills were bold,
Grunting sounds as you removed washing from an airer,
The game of laundry day... 
Exploring the shopping bags,
Treats galore.

Raw steak and Petit filous,

Fresh prawns and mayonnaise,
Tongue and Prosciutto...
Cat food, at times, became a bore.

To hang from trees,

And roll in the grass,
The wind whispering through your fur,
Stretching out in the sun,
Chasing your brother, Otto, just for fun.

Tumbling and wrestling up on hind,

Then hugging and licking your brothers cheek,
Sometimes intertwined on the bed,
You would both lay down and sleep.

The comfort you gained from a kiss,

'twas treasured and never missed,
You loved to be folded in my arms,
And to share my pillow bestowing charm.

The feel of your velvet paws,

Gentle squeezing of the pads,
The scent from a rosemary bush
Or fresh cut grass and flowers,
The aromas of garden were your perfume.

Your voice evolved ...

I want, I need, I love.
The delicate tone when you felt nourished,
The snarl and growl descending from a wild place.

The greeting as you blinked,
The motion of meowing but still silent.
Your language - I understood,
We were affilliated.

You will always be in my heart.

Jaffa  1999 - 2015.

R.I.P my precious one. x

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