Friday, 30 October 2015

Voices In The Rain...

The heavens opened and shed tears throughout the duration of our plight to raise awareness and ask governments to consider, seriously, the value they place on protecting wildlife. Issues need to be heard and action must be taken to save our PRECIOUS animals. Elephants and rhinos have a purpose on this earth to preserve and shape the landscapes within which humans are supported - by them. They guide us and we kill them. We break their Spirits and lead them to a life of persecution.
 This global March for elephants and rhinos is the biggest event to have happened, EVER, for the voiceless. Once again...we have marched to preserve our natural heritage and to be their voice. We have a responsibility as the (so-called) intelligent and compassionate human race to save these  animals from extinction
 If elephants and rhinos could speak ( our) language, what would they say? "This earth has been ours to roam for millions of years. Why should we have to fight for our existence... We are not unlike humans with our sense of self. We feel pain, both physical and emotional".

#04/10/14. #InternationalAnimalDay.
#Elephants #Rhinos #Wild #Save #Nature 

Photographs by Helen Ratcliff

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