Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Garden in Autumn...


A Poem...

Good Morning warm haze
I bid you good day,
As the leaves crunch beneath my feet,
The little fox takes a peek.
Draping oranges, reds and golds
A new season unfolds.
Squirrel nutty is foraging
The setting summer lends colour galore.
Mellow wasps are gliding
Dosed up with ripe nectar.
Shells gnawed and berries bitten
The lowering sun, forever smitten.
Complimentary red on green
Crackling fires beckon
Alluring scent of damp wood prevails,
Foliage in all splendour.
The transition abundant
Harvest time for all
Fruits, vegetables and grains,
The time of mellowing souls
And accumulated prosper.
Stock up the pouches,
Make way for sleep,
For the golden debris
Protects the future buds that weep.
The air carries the spirits,
The brown butterfly resigns, her colours disguise.
A shell twirls to the ground,
Munching amongst the branches
Is the reassuring sound.
When every leaf shines for its grand finale,
The season which shouts
Look at me...
I am the delayed gratification,
The absolute blaze of glory,
The graceful, tenuous, ethereal and boreal autumn.

#poetry #nature #seasons #wildlife