Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Thoughts...

Consumed with information,
Streaming in - head sifting,
Thinking, aspiring, planning,
Affording, processing, exciting,
Iberian lynx - endangered and elusive...
Our lions canned for killing,
Their trophies, our Willing.
Save the wolf,
Save the bear,
Leave the elephants already in despair.
Stop torturing the rhinos,
Stop skinning for fur.
The animals have flesh and soul,
The pain is apparent,
They scream and they cry,
Have seen with my own eye.
Let nature be free and do what it should,
Restoring the earth's balance,
For the sake of mankind,
And for the good.
Open the cage doors, unbolt the chains,
Set free the souls of animals,
And enable them to gain,
Listen and take heed,
The dimming of nature cannot succeed.
The Huntress is not conservation,
Her ego is her story,
Let's shoot a lion and take all the glory,
She smiles with bright teeth,
Over the dead beast.
Animals pay with their lives for a place on this earth,
It's for conservation they exclaim.
Cubs and calves witness the murder,
Ripped away for a life toward slaughter,
Hand raised and suckling,
Scared and confused,
I thought I was wild...
Where are you taking me?
The elephant in chains for fifty years,
The worlds largest bull elephant shot,
Nightmares of torture,
Breaking the spirit.
So much information, so much cruelty,
Suffer the little lambs,
For they know no better.
So many thoughts...
Breathe in breathe out
   ...And let them free.

Photo and Poem By Helen Ratcliff