Saturday, 22 March 2014


My Dearest Otto,
You were wise, 
You were strong,
You knew you were loved,
Your loyalty always brought you home, wherever that was.
Many gardens where you soaked up the sun,
Trees were climbed,
Claws sharpened,
Stalked through tall grass,
Chased leaves and jumped like a lynx,
Dragonflies were gifts,
The taste of moth made you sick,
You even opened cupboards,
You rubbed cheeks,
Gave kisses,
Came home covered in webs,
You knew you were loved.
You liked a brush,
You liked a lap,
But oh, when you looked with those green eyes,
You knew you were loved.
Sometimes naughty,
Early morning calls,
Trashed furniture,
An unravelled whicker chair,
A ripped and shredded mattress,
But you knew you were loved.
You washed your brother,
You play - wrestled and punched,
Rolling and furballs,
Hanging off the curtains,
Mischievous cat,
Who knew he was loved.
You befriended a dog,
You conversed with a fox,
You loved chasing sticks,
But ran from big boots,
And loud, playful kids.
You loved a tongue and mayonnaise snack,
Licking Petit Filous from the spoon,
Perhaps some raw bacon and cheese,
Especially licking butter from toast - sitting on my knees.
You stretched out your paws,
You watched, you saw,
You knew you were loved.
Finally, came the pain,
You screamed and writhed,
Oh bless you puss, so brave.
It was hard to let go,
Because you knew you were loved.
Peace then came,
And, you will always be loved...

RIP. My dearest One..
Otto, you had a long and happy life,
And will always be in our hearts.

Otto Puss 1999 - 2014


  1. Aww - sad news, Otto was a lovely cat. He had a good life though. Beautiful poem too.

  2. Tim! Thanks for kind words xxx