Wednesday, 19 March 2014


March 15th 2014, was an important day for the lions. We marched and protested to ban canned hunting in South Africa. A shameful hobby for those who still believe that trophy hunting is ethical. In fact, I do not think ethics come in to this 'so called' sport, at all. It is far from any sport I have ever encountered. Canned hunting is a sure thing, a guaranteed kill for the rich. Tourists pay thousands for a package of luxury, including killing a semi - tame lion. The lion has been hand raised by humans after being removed from its mother. It has learned to trust humans and is then released in to a fenced area... and shot or speared. The head is avoided, so not to spoil the trophy which will later be hung over the fireplace. It can take a few excruciatingly painful blows, sometimes throwing the lion in the air... before the animal is dead.
I ask myself, Why is this legal? Why do these people need a trophy? There are many questions and not enough answers to satisfy or justify this horrific process. However, some of us care enough to want to see an end to canned hunting. We will endeavour to have lions listed as endangered and will continue to roar on their behalf until each and every lion farm is shut down. In South Africa, lions are being bred like chickens, for the kill. Its an outrage. They are wild cats. Lions. Kings and Queens of the jungle. They reach inside and right through to the core of our souls... We are all connected to this magnificent beast.
John Rendall (Christian the Lion) spoke of his meeting with George Adamson (devoted lion conservationist), who said, "A healthy pride of lions at the top of the food chain, keeps a healthy ecosystem..." Clearly this speaks volumes. Lions are here for us. And, look how they are being reduced to extinction, because of us. Jerome Flynn also spoke at the protest, and moved some of us to tears with his heartfelt words, something a long the lines of seeing an animal for the first time in the wild, that moment has an amazing effect. There is nothing like that moment. 
There is something very liberating about shouting (legally) through the streets of London, and then taking a stand with around nine hundred and ninety nine other folk and feeling the chemistry transcend far and beyond each and every one of us. An incredible sensation of bonding and like - mindedness - a true connection. This was a valuable experience, felt, literally, around the globe... And... it was for our lions. A cause as worthy as life itself.

Cats Eyes

Marching to Trafalgar Square

The Target

In Costume

Lion over Westminster Bridge

John Rendall speaks

Jerome Flynn speaks

Jerome Flynn

Real Men Don't Kill

Protesting At Trafalgar Square

Killed by Tourists

Girl In Lion Costume

Painted Faces
15th March 2014.
The plight to relieve lions from this fate continues...

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