Tuesday, 28 August 2012

After The Storm...

It's the end of August... everything is relaxed.. the wind is a mere, gentle, warm breeze and the recent storm has cleared the air.  An almighty crack of thunder was directly over the house last Saturday. I was in my room, when suddenly the house lit up with a streak of lightning. We were missed by just inches! I saw the lightning hit the ground straight in front of the window... phew... not my time yet. But, somehow, it felt like a warning from the heavens.... But that's just me... I like to read nature...especially when it is so dramatic. I guess it makes me feel alive and full of vitality. You see, it's not yogurt, but takes a violent storm to have this effect.... ( only kidding ). Then... the rain... bashing on the windows and making us feel safe in our homes. We all love that feeling. Cosiness and yet a little excited about the chaos outside.
 So... the electricity is discharged and we all lose our tension. The anticipation and headache have been removed, enabling us to see the fresh new world with clarity... I love the light after the storm. As the sun peeks through the drama and lifts the landscape in all its lushness.. then, a mellow sepia, washes over the eyes. Everything is moist and refilled with hope...
 The garden fox appears, tentatively walking across the wet, greener grass... the flowers raise their colourful heads and a sweet, mossy scent fills the air... All is well... After the storm.

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