Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wild and Wonderful...

Lion by Helen Ratcliff

Yes... wild and wonderful... yesterday I went to an exhibition called Art In The Wild. Stunning photography by Roger Hooper. A Man after my own heart... Passionate about wildlife and preserving it. His work reflects the fragility of our natural world, but captures the essence and sheer beauty of the animals. He is also an artist, with an eye for composition and light... This, I really aspire too. One of the images which I was attracted to, showed three cheetahs composed in a triangle against a backdrop of stormy deep grey cloud... the foreground, naturally lit by a golden sun light... Mother nature's cats, captured in all their glory.
 Some of his 'fine art' work showed water - colour paintings over black and white prints, encapsulating the earthy tone with each individual. Such precision, yet insightful understanding of the 'untamed', the importance of preservation and those animals, who are born to be wild and free...

I would like to dedicate this blog to Clarence (Foofy or Loofy). He was a 'larger than life' and very special puss... much loved and adored by The Ratcliff family. He died, sadly, on 26/06/12 at 11 years of age. RIP puss. xxx

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