Friday, 15 June 2012

In The Mood For Summer...

Bumble by Helen Ratcliff
Well, of course I would love to be sipping coffee in Provence, stalking lynxes (to photograph) in Alaska or camping in the wilderness with the wolves... But, I am actually blogging and sipping tea in South West London.
 This is my holiday. I spent the first half of the year dealing with stuff and searching for work, and now, I finally and happily have the job offer... I can indulge in 'peace of mind'. Sadly, with no funds to take my self away... I need to make the most of my rest and relaxation time before I am back in full time work. Strangely, I feel a sense of freedom and cosiness (I think), it's quite a nice place to be. No urgency, just resting in my environment. Usually, this would drive me crackers after a while. However, this time, the difference is that I feel happier in my space and in my head... Phew!

In the mood...

Giant Daisy by Helen Ratcliff

Grasshopper by Helen Ratliff

Drinking Nectar by Helen Ratcliff

Wedding Rose by Helen Ratliff

Bugs by Helen Ratcliff

To be continued...

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