Friday, 22 June 2012

In The Mood For Cake...

Slice of Pink
Photo by Helen Ratcliff

 It has to be said, last night was quite unusual weather for this time of year... the wind was really blowing the rain through the windows. We had lasagne... followed by milky coffee and chocolate... (cosy food) whilst being entertained by the elements (and George Clooney). With the back door open... the neighbours cat, Smudge, was doing backward flips as the blustering wind was sending gusts of excitement into the room. I had to restrain myself from going out walking, after all, I do love a summer storm - especially post lasagne... lots of warming energy - I felt happy and rejuvenated. 
 Today, the weather continues to blow strong gusts and the sky is a deeper shade of grey with opposing baby blue patches...The clouds are moving at a considerable pace. And, from time to time the sun gives moments of illuminating hope... So... off for a refreshing walk on the common and then back in time for a pot of tea and cake! 

To be continued...


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