Monday, 18 June 2012

Fate Behaving Badly...

Romeo & Juliet... Destiny or Fate?
Photo by Helen Ratcliff

So... Once again I am itching to get stuff written down and expressed. Yet, sometimes it's as though there is nothing to be said. Oh, I am sure many of you would agree that I am no expert, but there is a constant craving which needs to be nurtured. A small voice which niggles with guilt and keeps prodding at the back of my mind and in the pit of my stomach. What is it? I can tell you that it is likened to a yearn to finish. Perhaps this is related to my studies (which I can only complete when I am earning once again), but it feels like I am being pulled by my gut (gently).  Maybe it is what one calls... destiny.
 Well, there's a subject. And, is there such a thing? Are we all branded in some parallel universe or are we really the masters of our path? Oh, what can I possibly be thinking to take on a question like this? Crikey!
 The predetermined course of events are generally called fate - a concept born of needing something to believe which makes life purposeful. To have faith in a fixed, natural order of the cosmos. Although fate and destiny are used as meaning the same; they can actually be distinguished.
 Fate defines events as ordered, inevitable and even unavoidable. Destiny is kindly used to determine the finality of events, giving a sense of destination. It is mostly related to the natural ebb and flow of life. You could say, organically unfolding, for example... falling in love.
 it would seem, then, that fate implies no choice and destiny suggests that the real existence is participating in achieving an outcome that is not random (like a fateful accident), but is directly related to itself. Destiny happens wilfully.
 Moreover, it is the will to live. To adapt and survive in a better way. I think fate is a word we use to replace blame or the unexplained. It can help us to accept that bolt of lightening... However, destiny keeps the form of Amor fati (love of fate), through the will. And that is the basis of human behaviour... And... there's another question??

To be continued...

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