Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beanz or Lions?

The other day I wrote a little bit about a subject which continues to break my heart and reaffirm my loathing for killing wild animals. Canned hunting, a 'so - called' sport which needs exploring, so that these bored, rich, ignorant little people can be exposed as cowardly killers and stopped. The shooting of semi - tamed animals in fenced enclosures...

                                         The Beast is Dead.. Google Image 06/06/12

The original piece I had written was lost in virtual space... I had pressed the wrong button and all my work just vanished in the blink of an eye... Perhaps the virtual editor was displeased, I can tell you, I was, when my effort had become invisible. Hmmph!
 Anyway, a friend sent a link to a well - known wildlife photographer, who has just published a book on Big Cats... Seeing some of the spectacular images, inspired me to rewrite something on this cause. It is an important one. We have such a connection with these beautiful animals... imagine a world where the Big Cat does not any longer exist. How devastating would that be. You see, dinosaurs would be hard to live with but Cats do not consciously strive to kill humans. They do not want confrontation. They behave instinctively to protect their species. We can live along side them. We need to be intelligent about it though. They are here for a reason. To teach us their wisdom, if only we are prepared to watch and listen. They maintain a healthy eco system and deserve a fair chance at life. What gives humans the right to play God?
 In June 2007, a story on CNN detailed canned hunting in South Africa and included a video of a canned lion hunt where the animal is shot against the fence (CNN -"Shooting Lions in South Africa"). They call this fair? The animal doesn't stand a chance. It is exhausted, terrified, confused and has unknowingly faced its killer. There is no hope, the animals death is meaningless. And, all because some rich person wanted a trophy to feel better. To feed the ego. Selfish and twisted. If someone can shoot a defenceless animal in cold blood - what does that tell you? A lion may have teeth and claws, but these weapons are for natural hunting and killing of prey for their survival. Hopeless against a rifle.
 The beast lays still, eyes staring out, cold like marbles. the killer is proud and wipes blood across his brow.... He stands tall, in his own mind. He has paid around £10,000 or $15,000 for this moment.
 I believe a legislation had formerly been introduced to the American government, but fell on deaf ears. Anyone in possession of an exotic animal for the purpose of allowing the killing or injuring of that animal for entertainment value, should be prosecuted and imprisoned for at least one year. Some may argue that the funds are put back in to research and preservation of endangered animals. I disagree. It is these very people who are endangering the wildlife, because they can. The law cannot touch private land owners and their enclosed animals. It is their property and their business.... a dirty, ruthless and rich business. It is a very resourceful and powerful world they live in. Sadly, it is still growing and canned hunting is becoming more and more popular amongst wealthy and bored holiday hunters.
 So... how do we stop this growing industry? I say, by raising awareness and continuing to show the truth which lies beyond the exciting safari. The blood - shed, the greed and disclosed and unctuous manner in which these trips of a life time are conducted. It is up to us caring folk to keep stoking at the canned hunting and poaching embers. If we let our voices go out, theses animals will soon follow. Take down the fences and stop the killing. What good is a world where we teach new generations to destroy our wildlife?
 Then, when all the animals have needlessly become extinct... do we turn in on our own species. Do we put the weak and sick in to a cage and shoot them? Would that be okay?
 Then, it would be safe to say that, the animals, with which we are blessed to have bestowed upon us, could, in fact, just vanish in the blink of an eye. One shot... that's all it takes...and that cannot be rewritten.

Lion Cub Yawning by Helen Ratcliff

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