Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lifting Spirits...

Goose Family by Helen Ratcliff

Okay, so after last week's sadness... I went to one of my favourite spots for a walk, to help bring some clarity... And, this goose family strutted across my path and brought a smile to my face once more... This is a a place where I did a photo story - in a previous blog... "By the Riverside", near the 'sacred space' in Battersea. Then, I visited the church which also featured in my story and discovered something quite interesting.
 I have always been inspired by William Turner and William Blake. So, it was randomly brought to my attention that they both use to visit this particular church and had influenced the design within, mainly, the stained glass windows... Strangly, I went all goose bumpy and felt an inner glow...

This may seem weird, but at that moment the light came through this window and my heart seriously missed a beat. I stood, gasping... could this be a sign? I know, I know what you're all thinking, but sometimes the universe synchronizes and it is okay to allow yourself to believe. Especially when life has just been sending challenges, trials and disappointments for so long. I then moved on to the next window and...

This also spoke to me and I remembered the quote...

" Love seeketh not itself to please,
  Nor for itself have any care,
  But for another gives its ease,
  And builds a heaven in hell's despair "

William Blake 1757 - 1827.

Then I remembered a poem I had once written in my moment of despair...

" In the darkest moment,
  In the eye of fear,
  When all has abandoned
  And nothing is clear.
  Then and only then,
  The light will appear...
  Clarity prevails in one who believes,
  No matter what,
  Physical or faith,
  It is true to say...
  One will always find their way.

To be continued...

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