Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Needing Inspiration...

Isn't it awful when you have a blank canvas, full of promise and potential... but you cannot find the inspiration to paint your picture or write your words.  It has been suggested to me, at times like this, to just open up and let stuff spill out. Then, the words will find their place and all will begin to make sense... Hence, here I am doing just that. All I can think of though, is how tired I am today... Yesterday the boiler in the house packed up and, of course, it was one of the coldest nights of this winter so far. I live in an old Georgian property, and, it does not hold on to the heat very well. In fact, not at all. It was so cold last night, I went to bed with four layers of clothing over my pyjamas. This included thick socks, a jumper, sweatshirt, two long sleeved T shirts, a hot water bottle and two cats. I had a large mug of hot milk and snuggled under the duvet and two more quilts on top! Phew... cannot believe I am publishing such an insight in to my exciting and fulfilled life. However, I felt cosy and safe... Sadly, I was scared to move a muscle for fear of flesh being exposed to the freezing temperature outside of my cocoon..  I did not sleep very well.
 At 8.30 a.m this morning, the heating engineer arrived to fix the boiler. I know, I know, I cannot wait... Snug as bugs tonight!
 Hopefully, will awaken tomorrow with something full of wonder spilling out of my finger tips...

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