Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Universe Calling...

I have just come out of the other side of a relentless headache. Two days of pain. So much so, that the base of my head is actually swollen and feeling very tender to touch. I do suffer from headaches considerably and have adjusted parts of my lifestyle to bring slight respite. However, one little thing can set it off, then, it builds and becomes tighter and more tense... This is the only time I take pills.... Nurofen usually. Yesterday I needed to get on with my day...chores, shopping, bank, post office, etc. and fighting through the nausea, (mind over matter),  I managed to get by without throwing up from head pain and sickness, thanks to the pain killers. Then, I had a revelation! Living in a house with eleven other people, on a busy road, in London. The traffic really is non - stop, the front door (by my room) is constant, the boy who lives above may as well be an elephant, the girl living opposite leaves her door to bang closed all the time.... it is a constant cycle of noise. Not sounds of life but intrusive, irritating, polluting noise.
Today, felt a little better. The pain had subsided and the house was quiet. But only for a while. Just as I relaxed in to my own rhythm........ The road workers began drilling outside my window! Is the universe trying to tell me something?
Sometimes, I long for the sound of silence... Something mellifluous, something gentle and sweet. Just a break from the city stress that likes to reside inside my head...


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