Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Scent Of Winter...

From time to time it feels like I am on the cusp of a great story.... Then, it's just silence. It is as though a giant spoon is infinitely stirring the ingredients which will later present some awe - inspiring tale. Well, that is to say the small detail that bugs me today.... A little frustrated, but rest assured it will come out eventually. I believe it's just a case of clearing the webs.... Yesterday I went out walking which is a wonderful way to clarify the head and get the thought process in to action. I even remembered to bring my voice recorder for moments or a spark of genius.... But alas, nothing came.
The air was particularly fresh, it smelt clean and that made me feel good.... A  deep through the nostrils....out.... Breathing is something I have become more conscious of, due to giving up my old friend, tobacco, five months a go... I have probably spent four of those five months coughing, sweating (oh, women glow...), being grumpy, snappy, the list goes on..... However, I can breath deeply and enjoy sweet aromas.... After puffing for thirty years, believe me, a simple walk on the common on a cold December day can be quite delicious....
It remains to be said though, there is nothing as comforting as the smell of my cats when they come in out of the cold.... their coats all puffed up and soft....I love to bury my face in their tummies.... breath in.....breath in...... mmmm.

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