Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Morning Kitty...

I remember seeing a cartoon a few years a go. The title escapes me, but I cried with laughter at the accuracy of a cat's behaviour, whilst trying to wake up his guardian...One does not own a cat! At first, the cat tries gentle tactics, but to no avail. Then, it tries plan b, the kneading technique - like extracting milk from a teat. Again, no movement. Then, the claws.... The human twitches slightly and the cat quickly curls up, pretending to be asleep... Still, nothing. This goes on for a good while and the tactics become more aggressive and calculated. The Man still does not stir. Until, a very impatient and hungry kitty, picks up a baseball bat and wacks the man over the head!
You may think this was just a humourous animation, but believe me, cats are truly this manipulative. Otto, one of my cats, uses a similar strategy to extract me out of bed. However, this is usually at five or six o'clock in the morning. And, I am delighted to inform you that he does not possess a baseball bat. But, he loves banging on the food cupboard door, pulling out the fluff from the mattress, clawing the curtains, sitting on the pillow and relentlessly meowing in my ear and scratching at the room door. He has also learned how to open cupboards, but cannot open tins or packets; I believe he finds this pretty frustrating and makes sounds of a spoiled child not getting their own way. When all fails, then, he attacks Jaffa, his brother.  Jaffa will then get up and start with the drying rack. He stands up on his hinds and pulls the washing down, knowing this really annoys me. Generally, at this point, Otto is sitting quietly, pretending to be completely innocent, like butter would not melt... Finally, it's a wrestling match.... Both cats on hinds boxing like kangaroos. Nine (ish) kilos of kitty throwing their weight on me...
Okay, it's time to rise but not so shiny... Then, it's all kisses and soft, kittenish cuddles... gentle padding on my face and all is forgiven in that moment.

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