Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Violence Towards Animals

The other day, I witnessed a young boy of about 8 years of age, kicking and tugging at a small, white, fluffy dog - no bigger than a six month old puppy.... My blood boiled, and, fueled by a rush of adrenalin, I ran to the scene.What could I do though? Feeling pretty helpless, I exchanged a few (diplomatic words) and walked away, feeling very shaken.
Situations like this are always upsetting and evoke deep emotions within my psyche... A few years ago, a South American artist (name slips my mind), starved a dog to death as part of his show. He left the dog in an isolated room, with no food or water. While visitors to this exhibition looked on intrigued, yet disgusted, the show still went on.... the dog on death row was, apparently for the sake of art! I remember, once again, feeling pretty hopeless - even though I responded with thousands of other animal rights campaigners. How could this happen? How sad. 
As timed moves on, the urge to make a difference is more apparent, but, again, the question arises, what can I do? 
Well, I am currently within the realms of study attempting to facilitate the need within to express and raise awareness of some kind. Upon this journey I hope to discover a purpose and some direction. I hope to enlighten and give some insight into my world and, perhaps share new knowledge, stories and thoughts.

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