Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Beautiful Autumn,Beautiful Rhino...

What a stunning Autumn this has been. Bright, golden, crisp and fresh. Dewy, softly lit mornings and the aroma of burning wood fires in warmly lit homes at twilight... I love this season, when, in all its glory.....
However, the other day it was made official - The Black rhino is extinct in West Africa. Poachers!   Sadly, it's too late for these guys. Humans have destroyed their habitat and killed them out of greed and a lack of respect, compassion, interest or concern .... The remaining rhinos need protection so that another devastating dent within the natural world can be avoided... (Hopefully). This is all down to chinese medicine and their ongoing belief that ingredients within the horn of a rhino have healing remedies. However, it has still not been scientifically proven and in the meantime this incredible animal is being wiped out.
The world evolves and the strongest species survive and learn, over time, to adapt to new environments. Hasn't the rhino shown us its ability to do this? So, have we not the intelligence to see the damage?
I watched a wonderful film at the Science Museum called "Born To Be Wild". Viewing was in "high technology" in 3D on a massive screen... wow, I was there, truly. My tears flowed as a baby elephant had witnessed its mother being killed by poachers and was left terrified. Surrounded by bull elephants, this little guy could have easily been crushed and killed. Luckily, though, it was rescued and adopted. Elephants seem to remember only the bad things and suffer considerably with images of slaughter and grief and despair in their mind. They sometimes need years of therapy to aid their recovery from a devastating experience.  Sound familiar? We humans are not the only emotionally intelligent creatures on the planet. In fact, we need weapons to feel good about ourselves. Elephants are not trophies and their tusks do not have healing ingredients. They deserve the freedom to roam and nurture and love... just like us.

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