Saturday, 5 November 2011

And So it Begins...

For some time now, there has been a deep yearning in the core of my soul to speak up and be counted. Yes, you've heard it all before... another perception on life, its meaning, the stuff it throws in our direction, the joys, sorrows, wonders and, sometimes, surprises. Oh, and, naturally... love.  Okay, well that would be a surprise because to date, the love of my life is Jaffa. One of my cats. Actually, the love is shared equally amongst the three of us, but there is a definite connection that goes deep with Jaffa. Yes, I am a woman in midlife who coexists with two moggies. Yet, I wouldn't have this part of my life any other way. They have shared spaces with me, warmed me, licked the tears off my face, they have moved house with me many times and continue to come home and have done for twelve years... They are true companions and keep me grounded and stable when all else, including some humans, (especially x boyfriends)... leave. This is not a sad tale though, I am a believer in things happening for good reason and at the right time.

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